The Process

{About Our Custom Home Builder}

Knowledge, experience and collaboration — it all comes together to fulfill your personal vision of your dream home. Our team of professionals, artisans, craftspeople and support staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is perfectly realized. Below are the usual steps in this creative collaboration. Each homeowner is unique, so your process will be customized to fit your specific wants and needs.

  • We get together for an initial meeting to determine the general floor plan and your basic requirements.
  • Together we develop a room-by-room “wish list” of more specific desires: finishes, size, function and other information to help us design your perfect plan.
  • The architect will draw a rough plan based on the ideas discussed in the initial meeting and your “wish list.”
  • During our second meeting we all review the rough plan.
  • Once you approve the rough plan, the architect will refine the plan to ¼” scale and the Mike Hollaway Custom Homes team will develop the construction budget and specifications for your home.
  • We meet for the third time to review the revised plan, pricing and specifications.
  • When you approve the refined plans, budget and specs, we’ll draw up a contract for building your home. A $5,000 deposit is required at this time.
  • Within a week or so of signing the contract, you’ll meet with vision interiors, our interior design partner. These talented professionals will assist you in selecting the interior details for your new home.
  • About six weeks after the contract is signed, the architect’s team will have the final plans ready to go.
  • Two weeks after receipt of the final plans, we’ll have obtained your permits and architectural control approvals and completed the engineering of the foundation and frame.
  • Construction begins following receipt of all permits and approvals.
  • We assign an experienced superintendent to your project, who is your primary contact and advocate during construction of your home. If you like, he’ll meet with you weekly to answer questions and discuss changes or additional you want to make during construction
  • During the construction phase, Mike Hollaway and the Mike Hollaway Custom Homes staff are also available to address questions or concerns you may have.
  • As your home nears completion, you’ll have a walk-through with your construction superintendent to identify any imperfections or needed repairs prior to closing.
  • About seven days after the walk-through, you will close on your new home.
  • Move in and enjoy!