Build on your Homesite

{About Our Custom Home Builder}


We build most of our custom homes on our clients’ private lots, so we know a lot about how the terrain of your homesite can affect the design and ultimate cost of the house. At no cost to you, we will evaluate the land you’ve purchased to help you determine optimum building sites. In fact, it’s in your best interest to have us examine the property before you buy. An experienced eye can quickly identify potential problems that could result in additional costs.

Below is a checklist of the full range of services we offer should you decide to hire Mike Hollaway Custom Homes to build a custom home on your lot. Please note that applicable fees are associated with many of these items.


  • Help you find a lot
  • Preview your lot selection
  • Have a survey made
  • Acquire deed restrictions
  • Check on utility and other easements
  • Verify zoning
  • Create site plan
  • Work with architect/designer to create plan best suited for topography of lot
  • Water well if necessary
  • Septic design and county permit if necessary
  • All utility extensions above or below ground
  • Submit plans to municipality for permits
  • Register your home with the Texas Residential Construction Commission
  • Submit for permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Submit plans to Property Owners Association or Homeowners As­sociation
  • Coordinate and develop landscape/irrigation plans
  • Coordinate design of pool and outdoor entertaining areas
  • Acquire short-term lot financing
  • Acquire interim construction financing
  • Acquire all engineering for construction site development